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If you have land for sale or are interested in learning about the value of your land, the McKee Group is an experienced and knowledgeable developer. We have years of experience in land planning and real estate development, intimate knowledge of our markets, and state-of-the-art products and engineering, all of which will enable you to maximize the value of your land.

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a commitment to smart growth

As a family company, we also pride ourselves on our commitment to pursuing “smart growth” strategies and to preserving and enhancing environmental quality. We are experienced in the redevelopment of so-called “brownfield” and infill properties, and have partnered with nationally recognized conservation groups to preserve and protect the natural features of our communities. And, we possess the financial resources which are so often required to see each project to its conclusion.

We understand the decision to sell involves more than just financial goals, and that the selection of the right developer to carry a project to fruition is just as important as determining the right price. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to give you our input and help you understand your options. After our comprehensive review, we’re confident you’ll choose McKee.

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